Encompass Adoptees

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About Us

our mission

Encompass aims to provide resources for individuals of all ages with adoptive, foster, kinship care, or similar adverse childhood experiences, as well as their families. Our goal is to help create bridges to encourage awareness, facilitate discussion, provide educational resources, and build community among adoptees and within adoptive families. Additionally, we host a number of fun and interactive activities and service projects.

By Adoptees for Adoptees

A unique service Encompass is able to offer is programing by those with lived experience for those with lived experience. This can easily be seen in our youth program, but extends into every resource we offer. While we seek to honor adult adoptee/foster alum voices in key leadership positions and programs, we also believe that in order to best serve them, we must included resources for their parents, spouses, siblings, extended relatives, and professionals as well. This is an area we hope to continue to grow in as we move forward.

Our name

The name Encompass was chosen to reflect our commitment to inclusive community and to supporting each other, as well as our desire to incorporate as many resources as possible to accomplish this mission. Not only do we seek to build connections within families, we build bridges in our larger community by networking and partnering with as many other resources and related organizations as possible.

Our Logo

The whydah is one of several birds that always lay their eggs in another bird's nest. Since the whydah does not raise its own young, we have chosen this element of nature as a symbol of adoption and foster care for our organization.

Adoption is a difficult thing to put an image to. Encompass Adoptees makes every attempt to honor and acknowledge the adoptees who are adults as well as those who are children. Therefore, we chose an image that would not reflect the adopted person as an eternal child.

Much thanks to the design and graphics work done by Heather Gonzales King and Bekah Murray.